How to Downsize Your Estate And Your Life



How do you get started?   Here are some ideas for your consideration!

Different Types of Home Liquidation Sales

If you have a lifetime of treasures from travels, sentimental pieces, vintage furniture, artwork and other types of valuable items in your home, you may want to have an estate sale. Estate sales are great ways to get the most bang for your buck.

A good, professional estate sale company will stage your home, price all your items and then arrange for  the remainder to go to a charity. All you have to do is find a good company and let them do all your work. The sale will typically happen in one weekend although there may be a few weeks preparation. The estate sale company will keep a portion of the proceeds, to pay for their work and you get the rest. It’s generally a very simple process, with less time and emotion going into the transactions.

For smaller estates or less parceling out, having a garage sale can also be a great way to get rid of a large portion of unwanted items.  Garage sales are usually easy to do. Pick a weekend, price your items, put up a few signs and post an ad on Craigslist and you’re good to go.   Of course, check your HOA restrictions.  You’ll generally see less profit from a garage sale, but it’s worthwhile if you have items that are worth less or if you have less to sell.

Craigslist or eBay are another great way to go when downsizing your estate. If you have plenty of time, you can slowly sell all your items there. Some people feel that it’s not safe. So, make sure you understand how these sites work. Watch out for scammers. Never accept payment by mail or check. Don’t hold items. Don’t meet people at night. If your item can be moved easily, it’s best to meet in a well-lit public area, rather than at your own home.

Giving it to Charity

If you are downsizing and wish to deal with less hassle, it can be simple to just give it to charity. There are places that will even come pick up all your stuff.  In Austin, The Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries are both great services. They are large, nationally known non-profit  thrift stores. Be careful who you donate to. Not all thrift stores are non-profits! Another lesser known Austin non-profit thrift store is Treasure City, which is a cooperative dedicated to helping the homeless and the local community.

Mix it UP!

Downsizing your life is never simple. If you are getting rid of large amounts of household goods, you are likely to do a mixture of these things. You can sell off whatever you have and donate the rest. When choosing your charity, choose wisely and in good conscience. Consider the charities that you feel passionate about their mission so you feel good about the donations you give.