Realtor® Designations: What Do They Mean?


sueWhen it comes to shopping for a Realtor®, there are plenty of things to look for, knowledge of your city, experience, personal compatibility, availability. These are the standards most clients look for in a Realtor®.

Another great quality to look at when Realtor® shopping is specific designations. Realtors® that get extra designations are getting additional certifications and belong to professional organizations. The benefit is having an agent with additional knowledge and insight.

My designations are CRS, Green, GRI, SRS, SRES.

But what do these PHd-like letters mean? Each designation is a signal of membership, education and expertise.

The CRS designation signifies membership in the Council of Residential Specialists, a professional network dedicated to making each client transaction a success. The Council of Residential Specialists provides real estate professionals tools, resources and strategies to guide their clients to the most successful transaction. Out of a million Realtors® only 3 percent are Certified Residential Specialists. The CRS designation proves that your Realtor® is dedicated to a higher level of success in conducting your transaction. CRS Realtors® are statistically three times more successful than the average Realtor®.

The Green designation is a signal that your Realtor® has been certified by the National Association of Realtors® as a real estate professional who has trained in green building and sustainable practices in order to seek out, understand and market properties with green features.

A GRI designation, Graduate Realtor® Institute, provides the security that your Realtor® has an ever-increasing level of education and professionalism. A GRI Realtor® keeps abreast of the latest technology and education when it comes to home buying and selling.

The SRS designation, seller representative specialist, means that your agent has been specially trained on several fronts: seller counseling sessions (to insure all needs are addressed); concentrated efforts on the client’s ultimate goals; extensive training in manual and electronic marketing methods; negotiation skills; and strict observance to professional ethics and business practices.

The SRES designation, Seniors Real Estate Specialist, is the designation that proves your real estate professional is prepared to meet the needs of clientele over the age of 50. Financial changes, lifestyle transitions, relocating, refinancing and selling the family home are the typical needs of the SRES client. They have the knowledge and expertise to guide clients through these life changes.

When searching for a Realtor®, do your diligence. Look at their certifications and ask yourself, is this the right certification for my needs? This will give you a leg up when searching for your newest real estate professional, whether in Austin or another city.