Voted in to Onion Creek HOA Board of Directors


sueNEWS!   I have recently been elected to the Board of Directors for the Onion Creek Homeowners Association for the next two years.

The two year term was up for 6 seats and 8 people were running to fill them.  Three incumbent officers as well as Mr. Ernest Pedraza, Mr. Bech Bruun and myself were elected by the membership to fill those six open seats. I was very pleased with the warm reception I received from neighbors after the election and the good wishes.  This past Tuesday was my orientation and my first official board meeting is this Thursday.  My first task is chair the crisis management team.  It will be my committee’s task to develop and implement a crisis plan of action. Hopefully we won’t ever have to use it but it is certainly a great idea to plan for any future emergencies.

What Does the HOA Do?

The purpose of the HOA is to promote the health, safety and welfare and provide necessary services to the residents. The Board of Directors are charged with enforcing the deed restrictions and duties and obligations set forth in the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC & R’s).   It’s important to have an entity that is on the lookout for the entire community and representing the residents’ wishes.

Get Involved

All community members are welcome and encouraged to attend the HOA Board meetings which are held the third Thursday of each month at Onion Creek Country Club at 4 p.m unless otherwise advertised.  It would be a great opportunity to learn what is happening in the neighborhood as well as share concerns and opinions with the Board of Directors.  I’m looking forward to acting on the residents’ behalf and being part of the Onion Creek Community on a whole new level!